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TrueSync allows filmmakers and studios to produce perfectly lip-synced films by generating new mouth movements to match any global language. Authentic TrueSync translations dramatically improve the viewing experience and unlock a global target audience.


DeepEditor enables filmmakers to edit and transfer an actor’s performance from one shot, to another, even if the shots were filmed from different angles. Freeing you from the need to shoot repetitive dialogue takes to match performances. Saving you time, budget and frustration.

AI Reshoot

AI Reshoot allows you to make dialogue changes, synchronizing the on-screen actors mouths to the new lines, without needing to go back to set or needing to compromise in the edit.

Reshape the movie industry

The AI software manipulates an actor’s lips and facial expressions to make them convincingly match the speech of someone speaking the same lines in a different language.

AI Technology Video

Complete the overall industrial layout of MMR,Build a huge composite carrier for practical AI applications.

AI video information


Explore unlimited creativity and the perfect integration of AI and movies.
Let your video imagination soar AIF builds new AI tools Easily generate realistic CG characters Automatically add stunning animations and integrate them into real scenes Unleash creativity and make your content more interesting and engaging.

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Through close cooperation with domestic and foreign partners (including Xbit Asia, Andreessen Horowitz, Blockchain Founders Society (BFS), etc.), AIF not only provides technical support, but also helps various industries achieve digital transformation and promotes the rapid transformation of technological innovation results.


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