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On AIF, we focus on areas such as music, movies, sports events, streaming media advertising, and AI empowerment, bringing exciting video content to users. Create a promotion platform that meets the needs of contemporary users.

AIF is not just a streaming platform, but an innovative ecosystem. Here, users can visit virtual exhibitions, participate in film production, and even start their own era of movie metaverse.



The introduction of digital technology has helped the global film market greatly improve promotion efficiency and distribution; and how to better assist film creation with intelligent digital technology is a proposition of AIF, please continue to pay attention.

sign James Anderson Founder & CEO

Mainstream streaming

30 +

Promotional video

50 +

Contains video

480 +

Professional filmmakers

1500 +

What our clients think


  • "I absolutely love the AIF platform! It has so much to offer, from movies andmusic to sports events. The best part is that I can earn extra income by completing tasks and engaging with the content.lt's a fantastic way to combine my love for entertainment with an opportunity to make some extra money."

    Emma High School Teacher

  • "Ever since I started using the AIF platform, I've discovered many interesting movies, music, and sportsevents every day.l also participated invarious tasks such as watching movietrailers, liking and commenting, andsharing on social media. Not only did meet many like-minded friends, but Ialso earned some extra income. It's amazing!"

    Joan Freelance Graphic Designer

  • "The AIF platform is a game-changerin the entertainment industry. I've been using it for a few months now, and I must say, the variety of content it offersis impressive. What's even better is that l can earn extra income by completingtasks on the platform.I've never thought that having fun and making money could go hand in hand like this!"

    Mep Sales Manager

  • "AIF platform is an excellententertainment platform that provides a wealth of music, movies, and sports events. I've found many of my favorite works here. Bv completing tasks I've also earned some rewards that can be used to redeem movie tickets,peripheral merchandise, and more. It's truly a new and exciting entertainment experience."

    Alice Entrepreneur

Multimedia and videos


Strategy and Planning



Development Stage

Film industry development and partner expansion; cooperation with Netflix, Youtube, Titok and other companies to establish parallel data interfaces; development of intelligent recommendation algorithms; cooperation with AMC Theaters, Cineworld, Regal Cinemas, etc.


Growing Phase

Through the AI application scenarios and experience accumulated in the film and television industry, expand more marketing areas; start to get involved in music live broadcasts, concerts and other activities; deepen cooperation in the film industry; launch IP linkage plan: AIF Plan.


Mature Stage

We are bigger

Establish partnerships with sports event organizers and introduce live broadcasts of popular sports events; start to try the application of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies on the platform, such as virtual shopping, virtual communities, etc.; become a globally influential streaming media platform to complete the overall industrial layout of AIF; to build a huge composite carrier for AI practical applications.


Global Influence

Accelerate the process of globalization and introduce diversified resources of film and television, music and sports events; establish a global technical support and customer service system to ensure the stable operation of the platform in various countries and regions; start AIF's intelligent multimedia entertainment plan, and bring 1000+ Movies, sports, music and other entertainment, through intelligence, big data, and the Internet, bring more happiness to 50 million+ poor people.